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Why HomeLink?

A Solution You Trust, Now Smarter Than Ever

HomeLink is one of the world’s oldest and most trusted home automation brands. In fact, we helped pioneer the entire industry. For nearly three decades, HomeLink has helped drivers activate devices such as garage doors, estate gates, and home lighting from buttons conveniently integrated into the vehicle. HomeLink comes as standard or optional equipment on over 300 vehicles around the world.

HomeLink’s car-to-home automation system uses a combination of radio frequency and wireless cloud-based transmission to activate a wide variety of home automation devices from within the vehicle, including garage doors, thermostats, home lighting, security systems, smart outlets, and much more.

But we’re just getting started.

Today, HomeLink is a leading provider of comprehensive smart home solutions. HomeLink’s curated collection of leading smart home products is designed to work together -- all controlled and monitored from a single mobile app or web site. Remotely adjust your home’s thermostat, unlock the doors, turn on security lighting, monitor your camera system, receive water, fire, and carbon monoxide alerts -- HomeLink does it all, providing unprecedented convenience and peace of mind.

From Car-to-Home Automation to Complete Smart Home Control

Car-to-Home Automation
Vehicle-integrated buttons for controlling garage doors and other smart home products from the car.

Smart Home Product Collection
Comprehensive, integrated collection of smart home products controlled and monitored from a single app/web site.

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